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Plan Ahead for Your Sports Events in Spring

Like every year, when we were still on 2019 Chinese New Year holidays, our Sales Department received many emails and enquires
on the custom medals and ribbons. Some of them informed they would like to receive the medals within one or two weeks, some customers
asked us to take first priority for their urgent orders, etc.

We suggest customers planning ahead for the peak season of medals in the spring. Please contact us and place order in the winter
prior to Chinese New year holidays. In this way, customers and our factory will not be in a rush. In addition, it may also save some
shipping cost. For big order quantity, we may arrange shipment by sea instead of by courier. For small order quantity, we can arrange
shipment with economic express service.

From autumn to spring is our peak season for bespoke medals and ribbons as most of outdoor sports events are taken place in 
those seasons. Therefore, please plan and order ahead, and create your own personlized medals and ribbons.