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School badge is the abbreviation of school badge. It is one of the signs of a school. Its main purpose is to distinguish
personnel, keep memorials, and introduce the nature and disciplines of the school through patterns and text. At the same
time, it is also given when wearing the school badge. The wearer invisibly increases the discipline of restraint, regulates the
behavior of students, and improves the visibility of the school. Reflects the characteristics of the school and is easy to remember.

School badges are generally divided into: university badges (also called college badges), high school badges, junior high school
badges, and elementary school badges. School badge shape: It is divided into strip shape, oval shape, circle shape, and shield
shape. Among them, the circle shape is the most.

The custom made school badge is not only used for the students, graduates or teachers, but widely for any activities, scholarship,
anniversary, conference, etc held in the school, college or universary.

School or college logo is always highlighted on the personalised school badges, sometimes with year of celebration.