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Hard Enamel Vs Soft Enamel

A question most frequently asked when customizing lapel badges and medals is the difference between soft enamel vs hard enamel.
The short answer is hard enamel is polished flat and soft enamel has recessed enamel.The detail that can be achieved
in the them is also different.
 Hard enamel is naturally more durable due to the quality of the enamel and the surface is polished to a smooth finish
without the need for an epoxy coating. Soft enamel is recessed slightly beneath the surface of the raised metal and and
epoxy resin coating is added to make the enamel more durable.
Eventually, production lead time for hard enamel products is longer than that of soft enamel produts, cost of hard enamel
product is litter higher as well. 

Below you will see example of hard enamel and soft enamel medal :

Hard Enamel 

Soft Enamel